Control ALT Delete 11

2 Days | 5 Stages | 45+ Artists

9th and 10th March, 2019 | Roaring Farm, Mumbai
Why Contribute?

This is not charity. This isn’t a favour. This is belief. Belief in the value that original music has, belief in the time, effort and skill that independent musicians put to bring out out fresh sounds and experiences untouched or influenced by “brand guidelines” or “item numbers”.

Every single buck contributed goes towards making the show happen, its logistics of sound, lights and stage, the travel and stay for artist who travel from different cities and basic expenses like permissions, security and power etc.

All profits are equally divided between ALL ACTS PERFORMING at the show – irrespective of size , scale or seniority.  They say music is a great leveller and we abide by the same

For every contribution there is a guaranteed deliverable from our end. 



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Roaring Farm, Malad

The beautiful dirt track with its own lake is situated in a quiet corner of Mumbai. Nestled under a thick cover of trees, Roaring farm is a unique venue situated just around the corner of the dreams. Sprawling over 6 acres it is also one of the biggest dirt tracks around. Beautified with pristine coconut and mango trees all around, Roaring Farm is home to 5 stages, food, shopping, art and the lot at Control ALT Delete.




3 weeks ago

Control ALT Delete

Farewell Rishu.

Burn down heaven you crazy mofo.

You will forever be missed.
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3 weeks ago

Control ALT Delete

A huge shout out to the people behind powering the stages with sound, lights and electricity at #CAD11. They worked tirelessly and made our pretty little festival grand! Take a bow team Audio Dimensionz, NJSM, Vishal Light & Sound Pvt. Ltd, BAJAAO ( and Esses Trans power (Yogesh)!

#IndianMusic #IndianIndie #TechManagement #GigsInMumbai #SoundandLights #VishalLightAndSound #NJSM #AudioDimensionz #MusicFestival
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4 weeks ago

Control ALT Delete

Sidestand stage Highlights - Day 2

In pictures;
Sangram Malik of That Boy Roby, Raghav Meattle, Pratik Kulgod of Daira, Across Seconds, That Boy Roby live, Daira live, Raghav Meattle and band, and Neeraj Arya's Kabir Cafe!

All photos by Dishang Popat | Chakram Productions

#IndianRock #IndianMusic #Alternative #Sidestand #CAD11 #GigsInMumbai
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1 month ago

Control ALT Delete

Our very dear friend Shadaab Kadri a.k.a Riatsu came over on the 2nd day of Control ALT Delete 11 and beautifully captured the vibe, people and festival overall. Check this amazing video out! Thanks so much Kadman. 👊

#CAD11 #GigsInMumbai #IndianMusic #IndianIndie

Shadaab Kadri
On March 10th, 2019, I got an opportunity to perform at a crowd-funded music festival called Control ALT Delete at Roaring Farms in Malad where I also got to see some really awesome acts. Here is a comprehensive vlog on the 2nd day of the festival. I tried to make this shorter but had to showcase all the awesome acts. Hope you enjoy this one!
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1 month ago

Control ALT Delete

Sidestand Stage Highlights - Day 1
The lovely stage was home to soul, alternative and much much more.

In pictures;
Smalltalk, The Derelicts, Chabuk, Meba Ofilia and Runt.

Photos by Dishang Popat | Dishang Popat and Swaraj Sriwastav

#IndianMusic #IndianIndie #GigsInMumbai #CAD11 #IndianBands #IndianAlternative
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