Control ALT Delete 11

2 Days | 5 Stages | 45+ Artists

9th and 10th March, 2019 | Roaring Farm, Mumbai
Why Contribute?

This is not charity. This isn’t a favour. This is belief. Belief in the value that original music has, belief in the time, effort and skill that independent musicians put to bring out out fresh sounds and experiences untouched or influenced by “brand guidelines” or “item numbers”.

Every single buck contributed goes towards making the show happen, its logistics of sound, lights and stage, the travel and stay for artist who travel from different cities and basic expenses like permissions, security and power etc.

All profits are equally divided between ALL ACTS PERFORMING at the show – irrespective of size , scale or seniority.  They say music is a great leveller and we abide by the same

For every contribution there is a guaranteed deliverable from our end. 



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Roaring Farm, Malad

The beautiful dirt track with its own lake is situated in a quiet corner of Mumbai. Nestled under a thick cover of trees, Roaring farm is a unique venue situated just around the corner of the dreams. Sprawling over 6 acres it is also one of the biggest dirt tracks around. Beautified with pristine coconut and mango trees all around, Roaring Farm is home to 5 stages, food, shopping, art and the lot at Control ALT Delete.




14 hours ago

Control ALT Delete

SHOUT OUT to all our 139 contributors! Much love to you all. We’ve crossed 50% of our online target – ₹2,53,075 so far! <3
Saurav K
Ananya Chandramouli
Arun Singh Ravi
Hitesh Poojary
Akash Kotian
Sayli Borkar
Pranav N
Sonakshi Agarwal
Sharang Gupta
Nidesh Viruthil
Aditi Satpute
Prudvi Raj Saya
Antorip Choudhury
Prasad Batavia
Varun Joshua
Sivakami Sivakumar
Bhavisha Dave
Archit Shetye
Tanmay Kamath
Heta Davey
Jay Wadkar
Deepak Peace
Sairaj Kamath
Netra Murbadkar
Deepak Balan
Vaibhav Sharma
Sujoy Desai
Nivedita Nair
Divinia Mascarenhas
Pratik Patel
Harshil Shah
Tejas Mulgaonkar
Chirag Lakhani
Tej Brar
Mo Joshi
Hartej Sawhney
Zenia Acharya
Pritish Gandhi
Saurav Roychoudhury
Karan Lakhani
Rushabh Nagraj
Abdul Manaf
Shashvat Pandit
Taranpal Kaur Chadda
Sudhir Dasgupta
Arjun S Ravi
Schubert Fernandes
Manali Satam
Mallika Jhaveri
Nishant Thakkar
Sriganesh Venkitachalam
Rishabh Seen
Neal Massey
Canute Crasto
Avinash Mule
Adil Kurwa
Neil Parmar
Dhruv Singh
Santosh Manjhi
Wayne D'Mello
Sandeep Suvarna
Aditi Natarajan
Apurva Sinha
Pooja Barge
Arsh Sharma
Banat Bagga
Yash Pradhan
Vrushali Somavanshi
Nikhil Miranda
Sidharth R
Vikrant Mehra
Karan Katiyar
Devanshu Sampat
Ankit Tiwari
Kaivalya Ajmera
Mihil Bhansali
Uddipan Sarmah
Varun Patra
Tejas Anilkumar
Biswadeep Chakravarty
Vivek Jha
Navomi Koshy
Aakash Bhojwani
Priyaj Kamat
Rahsaan Kably
Subhagata Singha
Bohemian Live LLP
Oscar Dsouza
Siddharth Basrur
Renuka Fernandes

… and our 11 Anonymous contributors!

17 DAYS TO GO! If you haven’t been to India’s largest crowdfunded DIY music festival, PAY WHAT YOU WANT and come to Control ALT Delete 11! >>>> <<<<
March 9-10, Roaring Farm, Mumbai.

#CAD11 #ControlALTDelete #GigsInMumbai #LiveMusic #IndianIndie #IndianMusic
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2 days ago

Control ALT Delete

After going through several bottlenecks of traffic in the Mumbai suburbs, reaching a vast expanse of land in the midst of the busy city is surreal! You have the option to #CampAtCAD so pick up those bags and hop on for a 2-day power-packed leisure trip with some kickass artists from across India! It would be a GREAT idea to travel with family and friends for this!

#CAD11 #IndianIndie #IndianMusic @roaringfarm #RoaringFarm #ControlAltDelete #GigsInMumbai
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3 days ago

Control ALT Delete

Take a closer look! Check out the Control ALT Delete T-shirt, available for only Rs. 499/- on Redwolf. Get your tee ASAP! Orders close soon. Visit:

#CAD11 #ControlALTDelete #GigsInMumbai
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4 days ago

Control ALT Delete

We've got some great options for accommodation this year! If you can't find a hotel or think it's too tedious to travel to and through Malad on a Saturday afternoon, our campsite will make your life easy. Explore the 2 person tent or Bring Your Own! Visit:

#CAD11 #ControlALTDelete #GigsInMumbai #CampAtCAD
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6 days ago

Control ALT Delete

Welcome to the Electric Jungle. Be prepared for some sick beats, dance, and a whole lotta low end! 3 artists playing this edition of #CAD11 are FuzzCulture, Malfnktion and Karan Kanchan.

FuzzCulture is a live electronica duo from Mumbai, India. Their live performances are ripe with energy, and this time they will be playing songs from a new bomber album coming your way this year! Real soon, actually.

MALFNKTION is the electronic music project of Bangalore based artist 'Aditya Alamuru'. Started in 2014, his music is influenced heavily by Hip-Hop, Bass and Electronica and is known for combining up-beat rhythms with ethnic sounds and samples.

Ready for some Jap trap? Welcome Karan Kanchan, a Trap & Bass music producer heavily inspired by Japanese classical music and wagakki instruments. His sound is distinct and fresh, and can annihilate dancefloors with his heavy tracks!

CONTRIBUTE and help fund this massive lineup from different parts of the country across genres.

#ControlALTDelete #GigsInMumbai #CampAtCAD #FuzzCulture #Malfnktion #KaranKanchan
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