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Why Contribute?

This is not charity. This isn’t a favour. This is belief. Belief in the value that original music has, belief in the time, effort and skill that independent musicians put to bring out out fresh sounds and experiences untouched or influenced by “brand guidelines” or “item numbers”.

Every single buck contributed goes towards making the show happen, its logistics of sound, lights and stage, the travel and stay for artist who travel from different cities and basic expenses like permissions, security and power etc.

All profits are equally divided between ALL ACTS PERFORMING at the show – irrespective of size , scale or seniority.  They say music is a great leveller and we abide by the same

For every contribution there is a guaranteed deliverable from our end. 


Roaring Farm, Malad

The beautiful dirt track with its own lake is situated in a quiet corner of Mumbai. Nestled under a thick cover of trees, Roaring farm is a unique venue situated just around the corner of the dreams. Sprawling over 6 acres it is also one of the biggest dirt tracks around. Beautified with pristine coconut and mango trees all around, Roaring Farm is home to 5 stages, food, shopping, art and the lot at Control ALT Delete.




2 weeks ago

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"Jab jhaad na bachenge, kaise loge saans?" #saveaarey #swadesimovement #cad11 ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

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When #CAD11 grooved to The 'Warli Revolt'!
Check out the full video for Swadesi's LIVE performance here 👇🏻

Special thanks to Prashin Jagger, Kunal Ahuja, Prathamesh Sawant, Ankit Gupta Shadaab Kadri sharing these footages with us. Edited by Emmanuel Moses

#Swadesi #SwadesiNation #WarliRevolt
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4 weeks ago

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@swadesimovement brought 🔥 to #cad11! The #WarliRevolt LIVE drops next week. Stay glued!
#swadesi #swadesination #swadesimovement #hiphop #musicfestival #indianindie
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4 months ago

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Time to close the loop.

We know we basked in the afterglow for a bit too long, but now is when it all makes sense.

We turned a profit this time around 🙂

It cost us Rs 21,30,757 to put up this edition.
We earned Rs 22,80,413 via contributions and sales.

Thats a profit of Rs 1,49,656

Each artist who played #CAD11 gets Rs 3253/-

Well it ain't a great amount but it is what we believe the beginning of an upward curve.

A 5 stage, 2 day, multi genre music festival made a profit in its second year of scaling up. Without sponsorship. As promoters and people in the music business we can't even begin to tell you what a landmark moment this is.

All of this has been only possible because of the faith shown in this idea by the listeners, bands, volunteers and all the service providers who extended their heart, soul, time and money to this. Thank you.

Detailed accounts are up. Check
You will NEVER get the rates we are blessed enough to get from our partners - so don't even ask or hold them to it.


Till we meet again next time.
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5 months ago

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Farewell Rishu.

Burn down heaven you crazy mofo.

You will forever be missed.
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