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Beginning of 2016 we cross boundaries with Control ALT Delete 9.0. We move ahead while paying homage to our roots.

This time around we are moving to a new city, a new venue (duh) and going back to our musical roots.

Control ALT Delete 9.0 will be held in Bangalore on the 16th of January at the very awesome venue – The Humming Tree and the lineup will feature a generous mix of the famous and the unheard across the country’s punk/indie/alt scene.

We bring our own brand of DIY chaos to shake up the rich independent musical heritage of Bangalore . We crowdfund our own gig, we keep a pay what you want policy at the gate, we have no sponsors , we split all profits the gig makes between all the artists playing irrespective of their seniority or popularity. Our humble attempt at leveling the playing field.

Now coming to what excites us the most – The lineup! . We’ve pushed logic and rationale aside here by loading up a day with 9 bands. Yes – NINE. (Control ALT Delete 9.0 – 9 bands – geddit ? ) Here are the bands that will ensure a memorable day of music and mayhem

Skrat – Chennai’s and some might argue Bangalore’s favorite rockers. We love 3 piece bands and these guys are right there on the top of our list

Superfuzz – The band that started it all. All the way from Delhi – showing ‘em kids how its done.

The Broadway Addicts – Another 3 piece (I told you we love 3 pieces) from Chennai, They have just started gigging and they will blow you away with their big fuzzy guitars

Achint – Achint is the solo project of Achint Thakkar (Ex- Rosemary). A grandiose composer with a penchant for genre defying cinematic sounds. He will be showcasing his debut album – Shalimar. Expect the unexpected

Punk on Toast – A band from Bombay that’s trying to kickstart the revival of an almost non existent punk scene. POT are loud, fast, fun – everything punk should be.

Aswekeepsearching – This Ahmedabad/Pune based post rock band has been making waves in 2015 – Following up on an album launch(Khwaab) and a Russia tour, They culminate their DIY tour at CAD 9.0

Mushroom Lake – Mushroom Lake are a post rock band out of Thrissur in Kerala. Hitting the stage after some time at CAD 9.0

RushLED – This band came to our attention early 2015 with their video for “Things are gonna change” followed by lovely hummable EP – In Love and Out of time. A fresh sound that deserves to be heard by Everybody.

Peter Cat Recording Company – A band with an unabashadely original aesthetic. PCRC bring their languid, cabaret inspired avant garde brand of music to Bangalore this CAD


We have no sponsors, we will never have any. Our “Sponsors” are people like you who give a fuck about the music.

Your contribution, however tiny or big its enables you to a reward. All the guys who fund in advance via our website will get returns based on your contributions. It could be anything from a thank you mention on our social media page, to your name under the lights on our contributors wall to limited edition T shirts, Posters, Stickers and so on and so forth…

For more details refer our rewards section.

Rewards are only for those who prefund.

On the day of the gig we have an open door policy with a pay what you want clause. You can pay any amount at any time depending upon what kind of music floats your boat.