Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the team behind Control Alt Delete?

Control ALT Delete is a partnership between Himanshu Vaswani and Nikhil Udupa.  

2. What is the minimum contribution amount?

You can pay whatever you want at the gate, but due to payment gateway restrictions, you will have to contribute a minimum of INR 100 on this website.  

3. When will I receive what my rewards?

You have an option to collect your rewards at the merch counter of the gig. All couriers will be dispatched within 2 weeks after the event.  

4. How is my money spent?

All contributions are used to cover costs of the gig. Profits, if any, are split equally among all performing artists. Losses, if any, are borne by the organisers. No share of the profits goes to the organisers.  

5. Is Control ALT Delete an NGO?

No. Control ALT Delete is not a registered NGO yet. Though we do function like one, we are not registered.