What is Control ALT Delete?

Control ALT Delete is a not for profit organization which aims to bring back the power and control for independent music to where it belongs – its audience. It’s India’s largest crowdfunded series of live shows that works on a pay what you want model where profits are split equally between all performing artists. It’s a concept that is 9 years and 10 shows old and has travelled across cities in India

Who is Control ALT Delete?

Control ALT Delete is run by volunteers who dedicate their time, energy and skill sets to ensure a great experience for everyone attending the show. Over the years many of the volunteers have graduated to holding influential positions in the music industry and continued to uphold CAD’s philosophy of giving back to the grassroots. It’s managed by Nikhil Udupa and Himanshu Vaswani – two music fans who also run a festival services and event management company called 4/4 Experiences.

What is the minimum contribution?

There is no minimum contribution on ground. Online crowdfunding has a minimum contribution s of Rs 10 which enables you to get guaranteed deliverables like your name on guest list and on the sponsor board at the venue. Higher contributions get you more specific rewards like T shirts , stickers etc. Do refer to our contribution slabs on the contribution page.

When will I get my rewards ?

You can choose to collect your contributions at the venue itself or if that isn’t possible we will courier your due rewards to you 2 weeks post the show.

Is the show pet and kid friendly ?

This year the show will be held on a 6 acre ground . So there is enough space for kids to walk and run around. Please do keep your pets on a leash as there a few resident pets and we want to avoid any kind of friction with them. Please ensure that you collect your pet’s poop and dispose it in the dustbins. There will be LOUD music and we insist that you come equipped with ear protectors to protect your little one’s hearing 🙂

How are my contributions to the festival being spent ?

Transparency and accountability are the bedrock of Control ALT Delete. All contributions go towards the logistics of the show and funding travel and stay for the acts that come from out of town. All profits get split equally between all bands. Accounts of the show are put in public for audit and questioning. You can see all accounts of past editions here.

I hear the venue is far. How do I get there ? 

Yes it is relatively far (depends on where you stay really).  It’s prominently marked on Google maps as Roaring Farm. You could Uber it, drive (we have parking), there are regular buses from Malad Station to a road near the venue. The best way in our opinion is to skip the traffuck. Take a metro to Versova. Head to the Jetty. Take a ferry to Madh (10 minute boat ride yay). Hail a rickshaw and get to Roaring Farm (20 mins). Skip all the pollution and the honking.